15 June 2019 My #SixonSaturday

Sunshine! A bit windy and very cloudy but we have snippets of sunshine. It’s going to be a fine day for #bees and other #wildlife. For me too 😊

This week rain reminds me of tropical storms; incessant downpouring, flooding and just absolute gloom. Travelling was a nightmare, traffic jam everywhere and the roads turned into streams. Talking about nightmares, don’t look at the garden, such a mess. Plants need staking or just cut it back, cut flowers , these will be great indoors.

#SixonSaturday I’ve taken a few photos of flowers that caught my eye this morning while having a cup of coffee. The bees and the birds were really busy. Trying to make up lost times I guess. As usual, I am continuing with wildflowers and others that has been growing in my little patch. My #SixonSaturday

This wildflower has bulbous like flower. It’s pale, tiny and amongst all the plants growing around it, it’s really quite a bore. I don’t know what sort of wildlife it serves. Anyway, if you get a closer look it’s actually have an intricate pattern. Quite a pretty little thing really.

Another pink tiny flower which just starting to bloom. Got excited when I saw this vibrant fuchsia pink flower looking up at me. You can’t missed it. Fab.

Think this wildflower is called Birdsfoot trefoil (did you read that, named wildflower, sssshhh πŸ˜‚ oh please no Latin names 😜) growing under the red poppy which now totally buried under it.It’s a shame as it has these beautiful yellow flowers. Hope it will survive. Food for common blue butterfly larvae, a friend told me. Grows everywhere if you let it be. Come to think of it, not liking that food thing malarkey that much.

This wild rose just appeared three years ago and I kept on cutting it back because it’s near my front door. Very annoying. However, it keep sprouting back, now, have a few stems growing. Last year I let it grew and by late summer caterpillars appeared. Not great I tell you. Phew. Flowers are pretty though and it has this deep red rosehip in autumn.

You will see this plant growing everywhere, it’s pretty, most of all, #bees and butterflies love it. A tropical delight.

And my no 6 is this campanula, I think. πŸ˜‰Towering plant with its delicate white bell like flowers, very virginal. Another prolific grower. Love it though. Very hardy. It can stay as long as it can find a space to grow.

Gosh! As I write this narrative somehow the weather has become bleak, very dΓ rk clouds covers the horizon. I think rain is coming. Ha! Oh yes, it trickles and now it lashes. Going to be another wet Saturday. Remember summer 2017?A depressing thought. But hey, summer has just began. A beautiful day is upon us soon. Fingerscrossed, tightly crossed. Enjoy your weekend.

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Thank you.

Rae x


08 June 2019 My #SixonSaturday

Sun is out after the heavy rain that seem like it lasted forever. The wind chill feels almost like autumn and I was really tempted to lit the log fire last night which my housemates woud certainly love. Well, blankets and another layer of clothing saved me from more cleaning this morning. Good choice.

A disaster I think looking out from my window into the garden. Peonies almost kissing the ground. Dephiniums just having a lie down. With the high wind still persisting, some delicate flowers might not see another day. Still, the garden is full of life. Never thought bees still works even with this horrid weather but they do, busy as ever. Also the birds, lovely to see these flyers going on with their day as usual. Not like me tho, cannot be bothered and cancelled all arrangements until weather improves. Only if I have the discipline like some wildlifes i see and enjoy in my humble little patch.Haiiisst! One day perhaps.

#SixonSaturday, my #SixonSaturday Well, i started with #wildflowers so it would be lovely to continue the theme.

This I think is Ragwort, a nasty #wildflower that atm are now flourishing under my Hawthorn hedge. Now, i don’t like it growing and flowering even though they’re great for bees and butterflies as it self-seeds according from google search, so I guess I need those herbicides which I hate to use. I am asthmatic so any chemicals that don’t agree with me will cause me ill. Any advice?

This flower I call it wild lavender, another #wildplant thats overtaking my little flower bed. It’s a pretty plant but this year Gosh! did it grow so tall. The bees totally loves it. Would be lovely to give this plant a name.

This #wildflower you will not notice without looking down, really down, on your knees. It’s tiny and it would be lost in the undergrowth if not for its tiny white flowers staring at you.

Here’s another one growing this time in my sorry state of a rockery. Don’t know where it came from, another tall #wildplant but maybe it has its height because it’s growing in an area where it only kisses the late afternoon sun. I hope the bees will love it. Guessing anyhow. Don’t know much about algebra, so don’t know much about ….🎢🎢 Dont know much about music either it seems πŸ˜‚

I love this flower, red poppy. One of my first bought #wildflower together with the ox eye daisy. Amazing combination. Bought primarily to give boost to my floundering, abyssmal attempt of creating a wildflower bed years ago. Early days yet but hoping another year or two it would be just perfect for me and the bees.

As usual, you’ll read this and think I hope she gives these flowers proper name. It would be a very long unending disappointment for you and sorry I am not really good with remembering names. Maybe you can and you know the name of these flowers featured, please share and let me be the wisier.

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Well second weekend of June. Going faster by the day. Enjoy your weekend and wish you a fab time.

Rae x

01 June 2019 My #SixonSaturday

What a beautiful day. A perfect day to start summer. Sitting outside with a cup of coffee; listening to #birds singing, flapping and #bees buzzing, darting in and out of lovely colourful flowers and i am topping my vitamin D. Seen a blue and white #butterfly too. Wonder if these beautiful fragile creatures be tempted to linger on to a few #wildflowers coming into bloom in my little patch some time. That will just top my weekend nature watch. 

Oh my! what to choose and to feature on this first day of June. I think this  month I will start with bee loving plants. They have introduced these plants in my little patch, assumed its #freeplants from them.

Fox gloves, a present from the #bees I never bought any of these plants but like some of the plants flowering in my garden right now, were #freeplants. If i cant name the source I automatically think its the bees that brought it.

Snapdragons, another #freeplant from the #bees like foxgloves and the rest, they’re self -seeding so these plants grows everywhere and anywhere. Love them though.

Scabiosa, the bees and the white butterfly love this. Seen moths on them flowers too. So gracious.

I call this the star flower, white and blue flowers. Again, a present from bees. 

A wildflower new to me. My brother’s birthday present. There were a few #wildflowers delivered before my special day. A lovely surprise. Never had a place to put them so I just planted them where I thought there’s a space. Unfortunately, now its overcrowded and guess, the plants just need to fight for their own space. Love the deep purple colour. There was a green caterpillar wedged on its buds. I dont think I will be looking a closer look on this one so soon.

Last but not least, I this this is pestemon. Like the rest of my plants, all starting to bring bright colourful flowers and this one certainly has been feasted by my fav pollinator. 

June is a start of a busy month for  some wonderful pollinators in my garden. Hopefully, I will be graced with the few butterflies that frequented my little patch. Would be lovely to share them with you. Looking forward to see the outcome of my wildflower meadow. Last year was a disaster because of the dry weather. Fingerscrossed it will be looking healthier this time.

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Enjoy summer and get ready for shorts and flip flops 😊 

Rae x

25 May 2019 My #SixonSaturday

Beautiful day. Those fabulous garden designs and flowers at Chelsea flower show were absolutely awesome. The wonderful sunny weather all week made my little patch a glorious haven for #bees and #butterflies which made me very happy.

More wildflowers and my usual favourite plants are blooming.

My #SixonSaturday gosh I am absolutely torn. Well other favourites will just have to wait for their turn.

Like most of my plants these first two were presents. clematis and fuchsia. My family always knew what’s missing in my little patch.

My Japanese wisteria, love this and it will be trimmed heavily by the end of summer. Shame but necessary.

Wild flowers covers every road verges, fields and my garden. Have a few blooms and more are in buds. I am so pleased.

This peony was a present from a lady I’ve met only once from Ashby De la Souze. Really was a wonderful surprise.

The #bees and #butterflies like this plant, a #freeplant from Manchester.

Through the years I have amassed #freeplants from friends, family and some, from total strangers. Some survived and others just didn’t like my tlc. Well that’s the way it is.

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Bank holiday weekend. Enjoy it and hopefully have a great time.

Rae x

18 May 2019 My #SixonSaturdayΒ 

Another week gone. Don’t you feel sometimes days just whizzed by and thought what happened this week. Can you remember ? What excited you?What made the week different? Oh well, me neither but for the first time since autumn 2018, I wore a short sleeve dress  and open sandals to work. Judging by the strewn footwear every where in my place, I was and I am not prepared for sunny, warm weather yet. Weather was absolutely wonderful beginning of the week. Saying that though, autumnal weather struck back. Glad didn’t put away my winter garment.

The weather however gave wildlife and plants a boost. Seen many blue butterflies and bees. πŸ’˜ #bees. The plants in the garden, well its like a mini jungle now (can’t see the plants from the weeds πŸ˜‚) and eveything in bud. 😊 I have to water them young plants as the weather were  a scorcher, 25 C highest this week, at least that was  what my car was indicating. πŸ˜‰

In the garden, it’s the display of beautiful, bold, vibrant colours; lilacs, pinks and yellows. Brill! Whats not to like. Anyway, love it.

Here’s my #SixonSaturday. Warning, Acid loving plants . I absolutely love these plants #rhododendron #azalea

This was my first buy. We went to see the Rhododendron in the Valley Gardens and truly, I fell in love. It never fails to amuse me. This plant has given me the garden bug.

and so the story goes…..😊

Apart from the first picture, the rest are in pots. I don’t actually do anything to them just  top up their soil once a year and obviously water them as needed. There are a few colours on the market right now and I am tempted to buy one or maybe two. Que sera sera. 😊

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Enjoy your gardening weekend. I was given #freeplants yesterday. I am so chaffed. Join you next week for another share.


11 May 2019 My #SixonSaturday

This morning I woke up with bright sunshine filtering through my windows. It would be a lovely day I thought and rather got excited. Having the dreadful weather all week, you really appreciate the glow of the sun may it be fleeting. Glad I got out and took photos for #SixonSaturday. 

#SixonSaturday is like a weekly diarised account of what is happening in your garden. Sure I took photos in the past and shared them too, in social media, but never looked at every angle of plants growth and development, or whays happening in the garden all together,  until I followed Tweeters who just love gardening. Their enthusiasm are infectious and definitely they are great for dipping knowledge and expertise. Liking much their passion and for some, their camaraderie and sense of humour. 😊

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My #SixonSaturday

This Azalea was entrusted to me 15 years ago when a friend  decided to live indefinifely in Spain with her two young  children. This plant always has given me joy. In a few days time, it will be covered with flowers and its absolutely stunning.  The #bees love it too. 

Allium pom poms for me. Don’t know what’s happening with this bulb but it keeps popping up everywhere in single strand.I only planted 6 bulbs together a few years back. Tried to plant these runaways together but it seems I missed this one

Lilac love the scent of this one. The flowers also fascinates me. It will be in full bloom in a few days. Its beautiful to look at especially when the sun is out, it glows. Will the moths love it? Not sure.

Tree peony. I always  buy plants that just grow to 6 feet max, this one I think will grow to 5 feet. Planted four years ago and thought its not growing  much, however it has always given me loads of flowers every year. It has 10 buds this year and i wonder how its tiny stems cope with the heavy load. Staking it to give some boost.

 Cornflower. My sister’s #freeplants from her mother-in-law, Sally. Well, #bees love it but it overwhelms your flowerbed. It grows like weed and very hard to contain. Keep digging them out. Love its spiky flower and of course, its colour. 

This plant i love its silvery leaves and flowers, works well when wedged between vibrant pinks and lilacs. I dont know what its called though. Any ideas?

On personal note, today was the day I said my final goodbye to my beloved dad, 7 years ago. Always loved, thankful for those beautiful memories and always proud he’s my dad. Always remembered, sorely missed.πŸ’•

 Today is also with realisation that some of these wonderful plants have been giving me joy at the time I need some comfort and reassurance.

Rae x


Think this is my fifth week of joining #SixonSaturday. What a lovely way to share our passion #gardening #wildlife and beautiful #flowers. Thanks to @cavershamjj for starting this lovely occurrence.

My #Sixon Saturday 

This yellow flowering plant was a present 3 years ago. Thought it was an annual plant but it cant be as, again, its giving me this beautiful display. One of my early bloomers and it will go on flowering until July. Lucky me  ☺


What can I say! This plant, my nemesis. Parents -in -law have given me Dahlias one  year and vowed to look after them. Well suffice to say, I failed. Hence, yearly, I have to pretend some survived and bought new colours for them to admire every summer  they visit. I know πŸ™Š Do they know? Yes. πŸ˜‰ But alas, thanks to #dahlialove I attempted to see if i can do it from scratch. I planted them outside in April, then the frost came in succession and thought damn. Forget about it and I did just that. Now, surprised! Dahlia! Honestly, i would not know what to do next πŸ˜•


All Hosta plants in my little patch are #freeplants. My mum loves these plants because of their foliage. She gathers them all in one spot and it’s stunning to see the different shades of green together. My siblings  will have these, my mum’s give aways. Love them too. πŸ’•


Bought this 8 years ago as so envious of my brother’s Camella, so lush, silky leaves and heavily laden with red blooms. Mine is a bit sad looking though dont think it likes being in a pot but this is the third year it flowered. So, hoping maturity will eventually give its edge. Time will see.


These bulbs were  bought and planted because they look wonderful in pictures, one impulse buy.  All emerging. Excited to see if it looks like the image I was attracted too. Happy to spend ☺

Lastly, one of my tiny #wildflower beds, plants are growing. A few are flowering, some have few blooms emerging, lots are just starting to grow from seeds. and I am really excited to see how it pans out this year. I love the mix of colours but mostly, hoping it will have more #wildlife visiting this year.

What a week! Weather certainly give us another reminder  of what’s like in winter; cold, windy, a bit of sunshine, and rain. Well, on the positive side, the garden look lush and no need to water plants and seedlings. More time to stream and interact with friends on social media. Aannnnd it’s bank holiday weekend. Yes! Much better though if we have some glorious weather but I’m sure this cold weather will not dampen our joy to appreciate our planned  activities or impromptu events.

Hailstones! Winter is back. Keep warm everyone.

Rae x