14 September 2019 My Six on Saturday

What a lovely week it has been. Beautiful sunshine and warm temperature, summer has been extended. How wonderful. Sitting outside reading a book and  catching up with social media is just pure joy. Lots of things to do in the garden and housework obviously but damn if I’m doing anything but laze around enjoying this lovely day. 

#SixonSaturday My Six on Saturday Apart from flowers that has been around since.July there really nothing more fresh to share.  Bees are still busy and loads of Red Admiral and whites, big and small. Just watching these fliers are hypnotic. Also they keep me busy taking photos of them, very trying but worth it. Watching these beauties made me rethink of planting for  next spring especially  this time of year as i don’t have much for them. Anyway some more thinking to do, adding and deleting some of the plants listed.

Here’s my #SixonSaturday

Ivy this is an  invasive plant and it grows in all sides of my garden; covering trees, fences, ground, my wall and hedges. You name it, its there. Hard to get rid off. Anyway, it’s good for the bees and butterflies for Autumn feast. They’re staying. Only pulled out if seen in my flower beds.

Blackberry another  crawler, again, I am surrounded with this wildfruit. Like the Ivy hard to contain and had been scratched and pricked  dealing with this thing. Again good for.the bees, butterflies and birds. I don’t mind it growing unless it plant itself in my pots and flower beds or wrapped around itself on my trees (pruning)

Agastache I love the golden colour. It doesn’t go with my blue, lilac, pink hues but I thought it was striking. Doing well for its first year. Thought bees will ignore it but actually, they don’t mind. 

This is a wildflower I should know it’s name recommended by a friend. I get blue butterflies in the garden but they’re not staying put so I planted these. Still haven’t seen a blue on it but then again, the whites love it.

Roses still doing well

A second bloom, I love the  colour of this one. I should know the name of this  but then again, my memory is like a sieve. 

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Enjoy this beautiful weekend.


07 September 2019 My Six on Saturday

I can’t believe Summer has gone and Autumn is slowly setting in. Beautiful day today tho but don’t you just feel the cold when the Sun’s out. Definitely, a cardigan and a pair of trousers season.

August was a mixed bag for me, liking to  four weddings and funeral,literally.  I have been blessed to be part of people’s  new life  adventures and glad , also to have  been a part of someone’s life. Both  occasions were a celebration of life and appreciation. 

August was also a month that I have seen a few butterflies in.my little patch, new and old friends. My frequent visitors obviously still coming when the sun is out like today. I do get a little bit worried  about food for them though as flowers are sparse and the rest are stragglers but there’s ivy flowering everywhere at the back so it should be alright.

Now my #SixonSaturday would of course, you guess it, flowers with butterflies and bees. My fascination. 

Echinacea, I love this white one. I also have the pink flower but its colour fades quite fast. 

rudbeckia I also like this flower very much. Little sunflowers I call them. It brightens up a dull autumn day

Buddleia butterfly bush they say and it never disappoint. I have seen loads of butterflies on this bush. Even the painted lady came and had a feast. 

This yellow flower still going strong in my wildflower bed. You can always let me know what’s it called as I do like this flower very much.

Echinops now this plant is invasive. Grows everywhere but the bees and butterflies love it. It’s actually very pretty.

Cosmos different shades and the bees love it 

Over all it was a lovely summer. Music festival, theatre and visiting gardens all was absolute fun and joyful. Now looking forward to autumn with its foliage of gold, red and rust. So much to see and enjoy. 

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Have a great weekend

Magdarae x

19 July 2019 My #SixonSaturday

What a week! A mixed bag weather wise, we had the lot. Great for parched lands and waterways but not so great for my fav bees, moths and butterflies. Music fest well, drowned, frozen and battered but still you can’t dampen peoples excitement and positivity. Still rocking wild. 

Plants were shooting up, leaning sideways and still looking pretty and proud. Love the way tall plants dances with the wind like the verbena. The agapanthus nodding as it passes and the gladioli waving its leaf. Yes, very hypnotic. 

#SixonSaturday My #Sixon Saturday don’t you think  days zooms so quickly. I know it seems like we’re only talking about spring and #dahlialove and now you’re reading and seeing  lovely dahlia blooms in everyones tweets. Lovely flowers all round.

My #SixonSaturday would be some of my first #freeplants, old favourites. 

Hydrangea, my mum’s cutting from her garden. Proud of this one. It survived. Love it’s pinkness. 

Achillea Millefolium, another of my mum’s #freeplant like cotton candy 

Phlox , a friend’s present because she knows I am bee mad. 

Trailing Bellflower well my mother’s present for ground cover, resilient.

Never cared for this plant  only to water when it gets dry. Never ceases to give me joy. Amazing display always, mum’s connection. You can’t kill it.

star Jasmine for the moth. Smells of sweet vanilla. Love it. A friend’s present, another of Rae loves moth moments. 

Here they are, plants that have given me joy every summer. All #freeplants. Love it when relatives and friends are into plants and always there to give you the best possible gifts to enjoy your fascinations and  with so.much consideration about your flailings. #bees #moths #butterflies #notsogreenfinger

This coming week would be a much settled weather would be lovely to sit out and look for butterflies. Hope you’re participating in the big butterfly count. I am. 

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Have fun for now. 

Rae x

13 July 2019 My #SixonSaturday

I always love summer and July is a fantastic month in my little patch as every plant seem to explode with flowers. It’s also a.month where I see a lot of my usual butterfly visitors like the white butterflies, comma and blue butterflies, and those who just want a flying visit. Joining  #Wildlife walks and visiting local residents gardens, outdoor concerts  are some activities I do enjoy this month. Quite relaxing I find. Nothing beats wonderful nature,  sunshine, music and good company to feel content and peaceful.

My #SixonSaturday I have a few plants, new to me, which I planted last spring and some of them are now flowering. I am always pleased to find new flowers adding to my little patch kaleidoscope of colours.

Dahlia  I was given 4 pretty  dahlias one summer and been told to protect it from frost which I thought I did. Kept it in the shed mind you. Obviously, it died on me. I have been buying dahlias every year since then. However, this time, I bought some tubers and see if it will grow in my watch. Planted it in April, well the frost came and went. Thought, I won’t see these plants again but here’s a first bloom. I am well pleased. Apologies for the bin πŸ˜€

Spider lily love the formation of this. 

 Calla lily? Love the colour of this one 

Echinacea for the butterflies, loads of buds happy with this.

Day Lily There are a row of these lilies planted years ago. This is the first time it flowered. I guess growing under a massive bush didn’t help. They’re getting the afternoon sun now. Think they’re sun loving plants. Well, still learning  😊

This one is really pretty. Doesn’t last long tho. 

Love these new colours. A few more to come. I planted a few dahlias, bought a mixed bag, freesias and gladioli in pots. They got healthy leaves so I am hoping I get to see their flowers soon. I think I planted too many in one container so let’s see.

A more milder weekend and this coming week. Hope you are all loving midsummer treats around you. Enjoy and have fun always.

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Until next Saturday 😊

Rae x

06 July 2019 My #SixonSaturday

What a lovely week it turned out to be. Weather was absolutely fantastic. I enjoyed tinkering in my little patch after a day’s work in the office however watering potted plants seem like forever. I didn’t enjoy that part. The problem with small garden I find is having to cram every space available with potted plants, staging, and when there’s a heatwave, well they’re the first ones to dry out so needs must.

The warm weather was also a treat to many #wildlife. I have a few visits from some #butterflies. #Bees #moths everywhere and I saw a lot of #ladybirds. I have been taking photos, like you do πŸ˜‰ and googling it to ID. Don’t you know we have 26 species of #ladybird in UK. Fantastic! All I thought was ladybirds have red and black spots. Ha! Little did I know. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

First weekend of July. Some schools have started their summer holidays and the rest in a week or two. Be a busy holiday season. Where to I wonder. Mind you, I love beach holidays. Nothing beats an early morning swim in the sea.

My #SixonSaturday, again will be a continuation of #wildflowers. Some grown from seeds and are happily reappearing for the past two years. Their first flower this season. Exciting. Used packet seeds that you can buy from.any garden centre.


Common Knapweed


Grim the Collier

White Campion

July would be a burst of colour and many a buzz. It’s truly amazing. It’s also the month #butterflies gets to visit often especially like the weather we had this week. Hopefully, it would be a repeat like last year so I could share it with you.Enjoy the sun but protect your skin. Have a great start of summer holidays.

Rae x

22 June 2019 My #SixonSaturday

A beautiful day. What a perfect day to start summer. The last few days have been wonderfully warm and sunny. No clouds in sight. I had the opportunity to tidy and deadhead plants after work. So relaxing, you get lost in time.

Today is equally rewarding. Apart from #bees darting around buzzing, I have been visited by a few #butterflies. Gosh! 3 types even, and very willingly stayed on for a photographs. My lucky day. Hope more to visit some time.

#SixonSaturday my #SixonSaturday. So much to share but I just have to share this with you.

I believe I have featured this plant on previous blog but I just have to do it again this time. Scabiosa; loved by #bees and now surprisingly enough, Tortoiseshell #butterflies too.  Large white also adores it. #Pollinators love both pink and blue flowers.  Blue one has a bigger bloom.

Poppies started opening this week. Love the deep purple colour and #pollinators can’t get enough of it. You will find half a dozen #bees in one flower. Amazing display if you have a few of these together. #Freeplant from bees.

I love pink and vivid hues, so in summer you’ll find this colour and deep purples mostly in my garden.  #Bees love these colours too. One thing me and the bees agree with. This dainty flower is pretty with its silvery leaves and stems. Butterflies love this flower too. Another #freeplant from bees.

This plant is a bee loving plant its flowers are like drop earrings and it produces red berries in autumn which birds love to feast on. You can see  birds hovering to feed and blackbirds keep jumping up high to get the fruit. It’s fascinating to watch. Again, it suddenly appeared. Quite sensitive plant though, I find.

Aquelegia; another #freeplant. I have a few of these growing but not in flower yet but I found this among the thick shrubbery. Poor thing trying to get some sunlight. It’s very pale, it certainly need more sunshine. Looks good though.

Think  the lovely weather makes us all positive and happy. May the sunshine spell continues. Perfect for barbeque and am fresco dining. Hope you’re having a great weekend.

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15 June 2019 My #SixonSaturday

Sunshine! A bit windy and very cloudy but we have snippets of sunshine. It’s going to be a fine day for #bees and other #wildlife. For me too 😊

This week rain reminds me of tropical storms; incessant downpouring, flooding and just absolute gloom. Travelling was a nightmare, traffic jam everywhere and the roads turned into streams. Talking about nightmares, don’t look at the garden, such a mess. Plants need staking or just cut it back, cut flowers , these will be great indoors.

#SixonSaturday I’ve taken a few photos of flowers that caught my eye this morning while having a cup of coffee. The bees and the birds were really busy. Trying to make up lost times I guess. As usual, I am continuing with wildflowers and others that has been growing in my little patch. My #SixonSaturday

This wildflower has bulbous like flower. It’s pale, tiny and amongst all the plants growing around it, it’s really quite a bore. I don’t know what sort of wildlife it serves. Anyway, if you get a closer look it’s actually have an intricate pattern. Quite a pretty little thing really.

Another pink tiny flower which just starting to bloom. Got excited when I saw this vibrant fuchsia pink flower looking up at me. You can’t missed it. Fab.

Think this wildflower is called Birdsfoot trefoil (did you read that, named wildflower, sssshhh πŸ˜‚ oh please no Latin names 😜) growing under the red poppy which now totally buried under it.It’s a shame as it has these beautiful yellow flowers. Hope it will survive. Food for common blue butterfly larvae, a friend told me. Grows everywhere if you let it be. Come to think of it, not liking that food thing malarkey that much.

This wild rose just appeared three years ago and I kept on cutting it back because it’s near my front door. Very annoying. However, it keep sprouting back, now, have a few stems growing. Last year I let it grew and by late summer caterpillars appeared. Not great I tell you. Phew. Flowers are pretty though and it has this deep red rosehip in autumn.

You will see this plant growing everywhere, it’s pretty, most of all, #bees and butterflies love it. A tropical delight.

And my no 6 is this campanula, I think. πŸ˜‰Towering plant with its delicate white bell like flowers, very virginal. Another prolific grower. Love it though. Very hardy. It can stay as long as it can find a space to grow.

Gosh! As I write this narrative somehow the weather has become bleak, very dΓ rk clouds covers the horizon. I think rain is coming. Ha! Oh yes, it trickles and now it lashes. Going to be another wet Saturday. Remember summer 2017?A depressing thought. But hey, summer has just began. A beautiful day is upon us soon. Fingerscrossed, tightly crossed. Enjoy your weekend.

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Thank you.

Rae x